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Review: L’oreal Elvive Color-vive Low Shampoo


So, my hair needs a lot of care. I’m an unatural redhead, and I love it. But, I want to colour to stay in my hair forever. Well, for as long as possible at least. I needed a new shampoo for my colour treated hair, and decided to try out this one by L’oreal!

Dry, coloured hair can be fragile. Frequent colouring, UV rays, water and friction can leave it feeling even more fragile and sensitised.

Discover our new way to wash and nourish coloured hair.

Harnessing our 100 year expertise in hair care, L’Oréal Laboratories have created our first Low Poo Shampoo for coloured hair, enriched with Linseed Oil Extract. – L’oreal Paris UK website

I didn’t realise what kind of shampoo this was until I actually used it. This is a non-foaming shampoo that you need to leave in your hair for a few minutes for it to work. Now, they recommend using between 10 and 15 PUMPS for your entire head. Yes, 10 to 15 pumps. That’s an awful lot when you just use 2 pumps with normal shampoo! My hair is really thin and it’s only at shoulder length, so I can’t imagine how much you actually need if you have thick and longer hair, especially as they recommend using this shampoo on your entire hair, not just your roots. This shampoo won’t last you long at all.

Now, as to it’s performance. I hate this shampoo. Honestly, it doesn’t do a lot for the colour in my hair, and it makes my hair INCREDIBLY dirty when I use this on it’s own. I need to use a clarifying shampoo after using this shampoo because otherwise I just look really gross and dirty after using this shampoo.

Honestly, I’m really disappointed in this one! I haven’t found the perfect colouring shampoo yet, but this DEFINITELY isn’t it! Stay away from this one if you are in need of a good shampoo!

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