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Review: Becca Liptuitive Glow Gloss


I love products that adjust to your skin tone. It just seems like magic, or a bit like that scene in Sleepingbeauty where the fairies keep changing Aurora’s dress, you know what I mean. It also means a product is suitable for everyone, which is something I really love! So, when I saw Becca had a lipgloss that changes it colour depending on your own “chemistry”, I had to try it out!

An innovation in lip gloss, this formula will transform into a unique, customised shade when it comes into contact with your lips. With a soft, beachy coconut scent, the formula reacts with the chemistry and moisture levels of your lips, intuitively blooming into your perfect pink – from a soft, rosebud shade to a deeper, muted plum. Whatever colour it turns, is guaranteed to flatter and uplift your complexion, providing a high-shine finish and a touch of light that’s gorgeous alone or slicked on top of your favourite lip colour. What’s more, the nourishing gloss is enriched with avocado oil, vitamin E and shea butter to keep lips hydrated, healthy and completely kissable. – Cultbeauty website

Before I start on the colour, I’m going to have a look at the promises. This lipgloss is really comfortable, hydrating and really a joy to wear. I do notice a scent, but to me it smells more like popcorn than coconut. The consistency of the product is really thin, so it does get into your mouth a little bit when you apply it, which is a bit gross. It does have a very, very, very slight tingle to it. I don’t mind it at all, but if you have very sensitive lips, be warned!

Now, as to the colour, on the websites where they use “before and after” pics, all the models get really beautiful rose tinted lips, but on me you can see absolutely no difference what so ever. I know it’s supposed to change according to your personal chemistry, so I will never look like the models, but I at least expected SOME colour, but I get none! I’m really annoyed by it, because I expected more from this lipgloss than I got. Would I recommend it though? That’s really hard, because just because this lipgloss didn’t work for me, doesn’t mean it won’t look beautiful on you. I guess, try it out before you buy it, swatch it in store before you buy, don’t order this online because you might get as disappointed as I am!

Have you tried this lipgloss?

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