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Review: Urban Decay Meltdown Makeup Remover


When Urban Decay came out with their skincare line, you saw it everywhere on youtube, but suddenly, it went all quiet. I haven’t heard anything about it for ages! So today I’m going to write a review about the Urban Decay Meltdown Makeup Remover.

Formulated to easily remove even the most stubborn waterproof makeup, this dissolving spray is as powerful as it is gentle. Nonirritating, nourishing ingredients leave skin clean, refreshed and without a trace of makeup. Meltdown hydrates, yet never leaves a greasy residue.

Meltdown Makeup Remover Dissolving Spray mists on weightlessly and starts working on contact to instantly dissolve our long-lasting products in one swipe—no rubbing or tugging on delicate skin. Wait until you see how well this spray works; it easily takes everything off, including waterproof mascara. Our super-effective, anhydrous, filler-free formula contains only three ingredients, including conditioning vitamin E. – Urban Decay UK website

When I got this I thought I would just use this as a spray, spray it on my face and my makeup just dissolved. However, when you get it, on the instructions it says to use a cotton pad instead! You wet the cotton pad with the spray and wipe it on your face to get rid of the makeup. And honestly, micellair water works way better this way.

It feels really comfortable and doesn’t dry out my skin, but it doesn’t really clean your skin, which is it’s main purpose, and biggest problem, but it leaves quite a bit of makeup on your skin, so you have to go in a second time or with micellair water to get rid of it all, which just takes too much time. I mean, just a cleansing oil and some cleanser works better and quicker than this spray, and you get less waste because you don’t need to use the extra cotton pads.

It’s probably a good thing to take with you if you are traveling or something, but on just every day use, this isn’t it. It just doesn’t do enough, especially for the steep price, it’s 25 euros for a 100 ml bottle, which is just way too expensive for what it does.

This was an interesting concept, just executed poorly, unfortunately! Have you tried anything from the skincare line?

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