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Review: Lipstick Queen’s lipstick in Medieval


Ok, if you are new here, there’s one thing you need to know about me: I love history. Like, really LOVE history. My boyfriend is a history teacher, you can’t love history much more than we do! So, the combination of history and makeup is a match made in heaven for me. When I saw that Lipstick Queen had a lipstick inspired by the Medieval era, I had to have it! Did I love it as much as I hoped?

During medieval times, when lipstick was considered a sin, women used the natural acidity of lemons to bring forth a natural blood-red stain on their lips. This flattering look has been recreated by Poppy in this best-selling tint. Medieval is purely Vitamin E and pigment, making it silky to wear and divinely transparent. And best of all it makes your skin look flawless.

The red anyone can wear!
Perfect alternative to lip gloss without being a full-coverage lipstick.
Sheer, sexy hint of flattering red looks great on all skin tones.
Lips look and feel healthy with super-moisturizing vitamin E. – Lipstick Queen website

Okay, so, this lipstick is pretty expensive. I paid around 25 euros for it, and even though I own tons of lipsticks that are more expensive than that (ahum Dior ahum) I personally thought this really expensive for a brand I have never tried before. But, that’s beside the point! Let’s go to the promises!

It is a very flattering shade, and I’m pretty sure it would look great on everyone (anything looks great on everyone as long as you feel comfortable wearing it let’s be real). I was really excited about it containing vitamin E, as this is amazing for dry skin. However, it dries out my lips like CRAZY. I’ve got liquid lipsticks more hydrating than this lipstick, which is really extremely odd? I mean, it is supposed to hydrate my lips, not making them drier than the Sahara on a Wednesday.


The colour is really sheer, which they said and does look quite nice. It isn’t glossy at all, it just gives you a little pigment. It wears off really easily though, I can get a solid hour out of it but after that it’s gone and my lips are really flaky and dry. And it’s 100% because of this lipstick, I don’t get dry lips, I don’t get flaky lips with anything else, just this lipstick.

I was really excited about this lipstick, the packaging is beautiful and I love a good red, but because it dries me out like mad I don’t wear this at all, because dry lips isn’t my look. Honestly, get a good lipstick with your money, because this isn’t it!

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