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Review: Morphe 15D Day Slayer Eyeshadow Palette


Morphe is quite hit or miss with me, I loved the 35OS palette, but I didn’t like the 35OM palette as much… I decided to try out their new 15D palette. Morphe recently had a whole rebrand, and this new palette looked really exciting! Did I like it as much as the 35OS??

These daytime baes are here to slay, Morphe Babe. With a mirrored palette and 15 crazy-creamy, powerfully pigmented, beyond-blendable matte and shimmer eyeshadows, you’re ready for nonstop glam from am to pm. – Morphe EU website


The palette looks really exciting to me! I’m a big neutrals fan, especially orange/red neutrals, I’ve got hazel eyes and I feel like those bring out my eyes best. The first thing I noticed is that these shades aren’t as buttery as the 35OS shades. They feel really dry and stiff, which isn’t my personal favourite. Matte shades are more difficult to produce than shimmers, so I kind of pushed that aside. I mean, the palette is only 17 euros, I can’t be TOO hard on it!


They were really difficult to swatch, and were really patchy, which made me weary for actually using them! Unfortunately, they applied with brushes exactly the same as I swatched them, patchy, powdery, and they blend all into the same colour. The shades are way too close to each other colour wise to look any different on the lid. I worked with 5 of these shades in one look, and it looked like I only used 1!

The shadows aren’t pigmented at all either, the shimmery shades need to be applied wet before they show up (which isn’t too much of an issue, but it’s annoying). You can build up the colour though, which makes the pigmentation less of a problem.

The mirror in this palette is great, but I feel like most of the budget went to the mirror instead of making these shadows great. We buy eyeshadow for the shadows, not for the mirror!

Long story short: No, these aren’t creamy at all, no they aren’t pigmented at all and brands should really start delivering on their promises!

I really wanted to like this palette, honest, because it just looks perfect! But alas, it’s a huge disappointment…

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