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Review: ColourPop Super Shock Shadow in Frog


Okay fun fact, one of my favourite movies is the Princess and the Frog, so this shade I had to have because it reminded me of it! It did help this is a glitter shade, which I can never have enough off. Did I like this shade as much as I liked the movie?

Our revolutionary creme-powder eyeshadow, famous for its unique bouncy texture, delivers bold colour & fine glitter in one swipe without creasing, fading or fallout.

Pucker up! This icy silvery purple with rainbow glitter is so charming – ColourPop website

This is a beautifully shimmery shade. If you want a subtle shimmer, this isn’t it. This is incredibly glittery.



I really like the shift in this shadow! It isn’t as pigmented as it looks like, it really is more like a topper than an all over shade. On it’s own it’s a bit disappointing, because it doesn’t give me enough oomph, but as a topper it does look great and will work with most shades. This shade applies best with your fingers, a brush just won’t give the same effect and doesn’t pick up the glitter as well as your fingers do.


On me it’s more a beige-y colour than purple, but that might just my skintone. I like this shade, but it doesn’t last very long, the glitter will be gone after a few hours, which is disappointing, but on the other hand, this is a 5 dollar eyeshadow, which is even less in euros, so I’m not too mad about it! I still like this as a shadow and I do recommend it, as it’s such a fun shade that will lift a look to another level!

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