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Mask Monday: Mario Badescu Flower & Tonic Mask


Another Monday, and another mask! Today I’m going to talk about Mario Badescu’s Flower & Tonic Mask, a gorgeous smelling face mask, but did it perform as well as it smells?

Refresh skin with our mildest deep-cleaning mask. This universally effective formula is gentle on skin, using natural minerals (like Kaolin and Zinc Oxide) to purify and balance the complexion without leaving skin feeling dry or tight. Antioxidant-rich Evening Primrose and Gardenia Extracts are infused to improve moisture retention and encourage firmer, smoother skin. – Mario Badescu website

Like I said, this mask smells beautiful. It smells exactly like fresh flowers in Spring. It’s a mask that I love to apply, but the scent isn’t too strong nor does it linger too long, but it’s something to be weary about if you are sensitive to scents!

As to the promises, this mask feels really comfortable on the skin. I’ve got really, really, really dry skin, but it doesn’t feel uncomfortable nor drying when I leave this on, even if I leave this on for about an hour (Which I usually do because I apply masks before going into the bath). What I do notice with this mask is that my skin feels a lot firmer after using this! Especially my cheeks feel really firm, but in a good way. Other than that, I don’t really think this mask does anything for me, but I do really enjoy this mask. My skin doesn’t look any better after using this, I still have pimples, I still have blackheads, but it doesn’t make them worse either.

I don’t know whether I would recommend it or not though, as I don’t think it does a lot apart from firming up the skin. If you are on the hunt for a mask that firms, this is great and you should try it, if you are looking for a mask that cleanses, this isn’t it.

Have you tried any of Mario Badescu’s masks?

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