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Review: First Aid Beauty Facial Radiance Polish


I take skincare really seriously. My skin is horrible, honestly, everything that can be wrong with someone’s face, that’s wrong with mine. It’s dry, I’ve got acne, I’ve got rosacea, I’ve got all kinds of things! Luckily, after almost 24 years, it’s quite settled down because of skincare. I like to try new things, because maybe the Holy Grail of skincare might be around the corner! Is this scrub by First Aid Beauty one of them?

A gentle daily exfoliating and brightening cleansing polish that cleanses the skin, leaving it clear, soft and renewed.

As per usual, let’s take a look at the promises and how it performed for me. Okay, I’m just going to say this,ย  I hate this scrub! I was really excited to try this, as First Aid Beauty is a great brand that my skin can handle and loves. First of all, it stinks. It doesn’t smell good at all, but that didn’t stop me as I don’t mind the scent of a product as long as it works, but it was horrible enough to mention this to you folks that are sensitive to scents. Second, this burned like hell. This really, really burned badly and I had to wash it off immediately. I’ve never had this experience with any scrub before so it really scared me! I’m not sure what’s in here that I can’t handle, but this is definitely NOT a gentle scrub, as it burned so much.

No folks, this scrub isn’t for me. So tell me, what’s your favourite scrub?


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