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Mask Monday: Nature Republic Real Nature Grapefruit Hydrogel Mask


Usually, I try sheet masks, this one isn’t a sheet mask though! This is a really interesting mask, it’s two masks in one and I’m really excited to talk about it!

A hydrogel mask containing low molecular weight hyaluronic acid to moisturize the skin, hyaluronic acid to form a skin’s moisture barrier, rich moisturizing sensation, and indulgent marble leaf extract with a soothing effect on the skin. – Nature Republic USA website

Ok, so I thought this was a normal sheet mask but it isn’t! This is a really, really thick gel like mask that’s divided in two parts, one for your eyes and nose, and the other one for your mouth and cheeks. It makes me look absolutely terrifying!


I really like that it’s divided in two, but the top part is too big for my face, where as the bottom part is too small and doesn’t cover my entire face!

The mask feels incredibly cooling on the skin, and I’m pretty sure I will buy this again for summer, just to cool down my face. The mask itself is really slippery though, which makes me a bit worried about moving too much while wearing this. It does feel really comfortable and you can feel the hydration going into your skin as you wear it.

It has a very slight citrus scent to it, but you only notice it when you apply the mask and when you take the mask off, so it isn’t too noticeable, and my nose is very sensitive!

Guys, this mask DELIVERS. This mask has made my face more hydrated than any other mask has ever done! My skin feels incredibly plump, hydrated and soft.
I will defs buy more of these, and I totally recommend this mask if you have really dry skin!

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