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Review: ColourPop Super Sock Cheek Blush in Never Been Kissed & Cruel Intentions


As you may have noticed, I love me some ColourPop. It’s cheap, great quality, fun and some amazing colours. Today I’m going to talk about two of their Super Shock Cheek blushes, did I like them as much as I liked the other ones?

Our famous Super Shock formula has a bouncy texture that delivers a healthy flush of colour that’s weightless, buildable, and super blendable.- ColourPop website


Let’s go to the promises before we go to the swatches! These blushes are amazing, they are comfortable to wear, they don’t feel drying at all, are buildable and blendable! It’s always nice when a brand actually delivers on it’s promises. I really like using these blushes, the Super Shock Cheek are my go to blushes, as my skin is extremely dry and these just feel really comfortable and non drying.

They can be a little bit too pigmented, so I apply this and apply my foundation on top of it to tone it down, but if you use a light hand or aren’t as white as me, it shouldn’t pop up as much as on me!

Let’s go to the individual colours. First up, Cruel Intentions! Cruel Intentions is described as a warm rose, and I don’t really feel like it is. It’s a lot more brown on me than it is rose. It’s beautiful, but a little bit too brown for me to look really good. The quality of the blush however is still as amazing as the other blushes, long wearing, comfortable and really pigmented. I do recommend this one, it just doesn’t look as nice on me as I wanted!


Next up is Never Been Kissed, which is described as a deep coral, and again, I don’t really agree with that! It looks really bright on my cheeks, but it’s a beautiful colour that gives me a healthy flush. You know, the type of flush where it looks like you spend 5 hours outside in the cold, but in a good way. And again, again, this is a beautiful blush that I really enjoy wearing! This is my go-to blush, and I wear this one the most out of all my blushes.

If I had to tell you which one to get out of these two, I’d say get Never Been Kissed, but honestly, they are both equally as great! It just depends on what kind of colour you wish to apply to your cheeks.

What are your favourite ColourPop blushes?

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