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Review: lee Stafford CoCo LoCo Dry Shampoo


Dry shampoo is something I can’t live without. And I really like to try out different types of dry shampoo, because I’m on the hunt to find the most perfect one! Did I like this coconut one by Lee Stafford?

When your HAiR’s feeling dirty and is driving you nuts, call in the Cavalry, the CoConuts! My CoCo LoCo DRy SHaMPOO contains a delicate powder that’s gentle on the scalp yet super absorbant to help combat oily roots. Perfect for fresh, BiG, gorgeous HAiR, that smells deliciously CoConutty day and night. – Lee Stafford website

Ok, let’s see what it promises!
It definitely is a delicate powder, it isn’t as white as most dry shampoos I’ve tried. It turns a lot more white when you leave it in, but it still isn’t very white. I really like that about this dry shampoo! Because sometimes I can’t get the white powder out of my hair, or it makes my hair look really grey which isn’t my look. But that’s where my liking stops.

It doesn’t make my hair look less oily at all. My hair looks exactly the same, no matter how long I leave this in. It doesn’t make my hair more voluminous and it doesn’t clean my hair. That’s the whole point of a dry shampoo! It makes my hair really soft, it makes it smell like coconut ALL DAY (which isn’t something I really enjoy, I thought it would last a lot shorter than it did!) but I really don’t like this dry shampoo, as it doesn’t do what you get it for!

Maybe if your hair isn’t as oily as mine, or maybe you use dry shampoo to dirty your hair to make it more manageable, but if you want this to really make your hair look clean on day three hair, this isn’t for you!

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