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Mask Monday: Kocostar Foot Moisture Pack


Wow, I’m writing about something that ISN’T a sheet mask! I love to use a mask for my feet once in a while. We tend to forget that those feetsies need attention too! How did I like this one?

A moisturizing and soothing treatment that helps replenish dehydrated feet in 20 minutes. Quickly improves skin hydration and protects against dehydrated feet. – Kocostar website

Now, when you first open this up, it looks like a sanitary pad. You apply these two little bags to your feet and you just walk around in them for as long as you want! They feel really cold and slippery when you start wearing them, but because they have little tabs on them that keeps the mask in place! I’ve got really small ankles so most masks just fall down, so these tabs make it really comfortable and secure to wear! I usually wear them a lot longer than 20 minutes, as I want to receive the best care for my feet, and they are really easy and comfortable to wear, I can do the laundry, cook or play with the cats easily while wearing them.

This mask makes my feet feel incredibly soft. I have extremely dry feet, so them being soft isn’t something that happens a lot! There aren’t any miracles with this mask, but I do really like this one, my feet feel more hydrated and they feel so much more soft. I really love these, and I’ve repurchased about 3 times all ready!

I totally recommend this foot mask if you are in need of one!

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