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Adventure: Zeeland part 2!


So here I am with part 2 of my trip to Zeeland! If you have no idea what I’m talking about, here’s part 1 for your to check out! Be warned, this will be a very photo heavy post, hence why I divided my Zeeland trip in multiple parts. Here we go!


On Sunday my boyfriend and I went to the local museum at the tiny town of Westkapelle. My boyfriend is a history teacher by education and he is in the military, so this tiny museum was right up his alley, as it was about the town itself and the second world war.

The museum is really, really tiny, in the attic it talks about the general history of Westkapelle, it talks about the Roman times, the Middle Ages and it keeps going until around the 1940s. The main focus downstairs is the second world war as the Netherlands was at war this time. We were neutral in the first world war but SOMEONE ignored that during that time.

12.jpgThe text here is what the radio is broadcasting, it is news about the war and what the people of Zeeland can expect to happen.

20180225_123957.jpgThings that give me great joy: Dutch people translating literally into English. Do you get what it’s trying to say? 😉

12.jpgFun fact: there are still people in the Netherlands who wear traditional clothing, especially in Zeeland. I absolutely love it! The only traditional clothing I ever wore was German as a child, as my family is German, so I love to see Dutch ones as well! I took a lot of photos of the ladies wearing traditional clothing, because it’s beautiful.


After all that beauty, it was time to go down to the more serious side of the museum, about the war. I always feel really weird about things revolving around the war. I’m incredibly close to my grandparents, and we talk about the war a lot. My grandpa won’t eat certain things because of the war, my grandma neither. They all remember it as if it was yesterday. So you can understand why I’m like this about it. I do think it’s really important to talk about it though, especially as the people who were involved in the war  and survived, are slowly leaving this world and we forget about it. So, without further ado, here are the photos about the second world war.


This is a list of people who died during an air raid on October 3rd 1944. The youngest was only a few weeks old.
Photos of the people who died on that day. I always get so emotional to see the children who died over something stupid like war.  Next to these, there were some personal possessions of these people, given to the museum by the people who were left behind.



The good thing about most wars, is that there’s an end to them. We got freed in May 1945, and the museum talked about that as well!

A lot of emergency living quarters were build for families. A reproduction of these houses was in the museum (albeit it was just the living room!) which was really interesting! They had two options for housing: one option for families with 4 kids or less, and one for families with 7 kids or less. There are still a few houses left, we were actually looking into moving to Zeeland, and we saw a house for sale that was gifted by the Swedish Red Cross, which is really interesting.





The museum talks about how Westkapelle worked its way back to normality after the war. Things were getting better, the community got together and people were happy again. All in all, if you ever go to Westkapelle, I really recommend this museum. This was the 3rd time for me,  and though it hasn’t changed at all, I still really love this museum and I get really emotional every time I’m there.

This isn’t how we spend our entire Sunday, but as this is getting pretty long as it is, I guess I have to talk about our Sunday in a different post! 🙂


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