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Adventure: Zeeland part 1!


My parents had the brilliant idea to take me and my boyfriend on a short trip to Zeeland! If you are unaware what Zeeland actually is, here’s a short explanation: the Netherlands (the country I’m from and NO it’s not called Holland I will personally fight anyone who calls the Netherlands Holland) is divided in 12 provinces. I’m from the province called Limburg, which is the most southern province. Zeeland is another province in the south, but it’s a coastal province and about a 2,5 hour drive. My family loves Zeeland and they go often, but I haven’t been in about 3 years! I was really excited to go, especially with my boyfriend as we don’t really have the budget to do much.

Our first stop was at Zierikzee, a  city on one of the islands. It’s also the day I found out I’d be a horrible food blogger, because every time we ordered food, I forgot to take pictures until I all ready had half of it. After having lunch, we decided to go into town.





Look how cute this town is!!! We didn’t do much in Zierikzee, after a quick look around we went to our appartement in Westkapelle. We have been going to the same spot for YEARS, because we just know we like it and we know we love being there. I mean, for the 3 nights we were there, we went to the same restaurant because why go to somewhere else if you just know where to get good food?

On day two we went to Middelburg, the capital city of Zeeland. What I missed the most about Zeeland is thrift shopping. I love nothing more than antique and brocante, and Zeeland is full of little shops! We went to my mum’s favourite shop first. And I found the buy of the century.  It was the only one. It was one size. It was meant to be.
This coat is a original 1950s coat, that still looks like new!! My dad was kind enough to buy it for me, and my entire trip was made just because of this one coat!


We got the coat at Sebastian den Herder, he usually sells high end vintage clothing, and this little beauty was one of them! He’s a really nice guy too, and we’ve been shopping at his store for a few years now, and my mum (who has a very specific style) always finds some really great gems! If I would recommend one store to go to in Middelburg, it would be his, because he has great quality stuff that makes the entire trip worthwhile!

Next up we went to several stores, a bookstore (where I got Ronja the Robbersdaughter for only 2 euros BINGO!), we got some baby gifts for the owner of the restaurant I mentioned, my boyfriend got me some home deco stuff for Easter (my favourite holiday) and we went for lunch.


I divided my Zeeland trip in several posts, as I did quite a lot in only 3 days! This was just the post for the first two days, and I hoped you liked a little snippet of my country! Next up will be a post about a museum we went to and our beach walk, so keep your eyes peeled for that! 😉



4 thoughts on “Adventure: Zeeland part 1!”

  1. Nice post. Made me want to do a travel post myself. Pictures are so beautiful. And that coat looks really good on you👍xx

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