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Review: Bleach London Live Forever Shampoo


I’ve been dying my hair since I was about 14, I’m turning 24 this year so that’s one hell of a time! Shampoo that makes my hair colour last is a must have for me! So, when I saw this shampoo I decided to give it a try!

A gentle shampoo to protect and enhance the vibrancy of any hair colour. With UV filters and Sunflower Seed Extract to protect hair colour against fading. – Bleach London website

So this is a tiny bottle, I didn’t realise how tiny it was when I ordered it, but it takes me a while to finish it, which surprised me! I’ve used this for 3 months and I still haven’t finished it, so that’s a big plus! It has a faint scent, but nothing too bothersome and it’s a really light scent that doesn’t linger so if you are sensitive, I think this would be a safe option. Now, as for the actual protection of my hair.

It doesn’t make my hair colour last longer at all. I use a hair dye topper to make my hair colour last a lot longer and it was gone after a week, while I can usually do about a month with one use of the topper. Which is such a shame! It’s the reason I tried this shampoo and if it can’t deliver on it’s main claim, I don’t think it’s worth it no matter how affordable it is. Don’t make promises if you can’t keep them! This is a huge pass for me and hopefully the next shampoo will be beter.

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