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Review: Pixi Rose Cream Cleanser


Okay, the pastel pink shade on this cleanser IS what made me want to get this. I’m a sucker for pastel pink, and especially when I read that this cleanser was for sensitive skin, I had to try it! Did I like it?

•Soothing, gentle cleanser. 
•Nourishing cream cleanser with mineral rich mud cleanses skin as it helps strengthen & soften. 
•Rose & avocado conditions. 
•Chamomile & aloe vera soothes. 
•For all skin types, including very sensitive. – Pixi website

This cleanser is a dream to use! I use this at night, after I cleanse with an oil to remove the last bits of dirt and makeup of my face. This cleanser has a really nice scent to it, I know it’s supposed to be rose, but to me it smells a lot like toothpaste! I do really like it, and I kind of get the whole rose scent, but it just reminds me more of toothpaste haha!

It’s really creamy and not too thick when you apply it to the face, but it feels so incredibly nice on your skin! It really helps to soften my face, which has been really nice as my rosacea leaves me with a lot of bumps on my skin, they don’t disappear completely, but they do feel a lot less when I use this. I don’t notice it stripping down my skin too much, but even rain makes my skin feel dry.

However! It doesn’t cleanse my skin extremely well, I still have little bits of left over makeup on it after using this, but I do love using this as my no-makeup cleanser as it does make me feel clean and I feel like it does just enough for me during those days!

I really feel like Pixi (finally!) delivers on their promises! This cleanser is really nice, creamy, and does soften my skin. Definitely a cleanser I recommend for someone with more dry skin, but someone with more oily skin might think this one a little too much. Have you tried this cleanser?


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