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Review: Jouer Blush Bouquet in Coquette


I saw these blushes and I just had to have them! The packaging is so incredibly cute and I’m a sucker for beautiful packaging. Sorry. No I’m not. So here’s my review on these two beautiful blushes!

A duo of velvety smooth complementary blushes that deliver full pigment color and blend to a perfect finish.  – Jouer website


I’m a big believer that brands should deliver on their promises, so it’s pretty wise of Jouer to not make too many promises! But again, how many can you make about a blush? But, they deliver! These blushes are incredibly pigmented! I might even say a little bit too pigmented, so if you are a novice at makeup, use a light hand kids! It really surprised me at first, but nothing a bit of blending can’t help. Just be warned!

The packaging is beautiful. It’s really heavy and luxurious feeling, and it’s really sturdy. You get a really nice mirror as well, and honestly, the packaging makes up for the high price point. I mean, yes, you get 2 blushes, but as I paid around 30 euros for this, it’s nice to have it feeling like it’s worth the 30 euros, you know what I mean?


The first shade is called Seduce Me, and it’s described as a matte cool, berry pink. It pulls a bit more pink on me personally than berry. But I really like this one! It’s extremely pigmented, so when I first tried this out I looked like a clown, so again, use a light hand if you aren’t into a very bright cheek. It applies really nicely and doesn’t emphasize my dry patches which is a really nice plus! They blend really easily and look really nice on my skin. I really love this one!

The second one is Tease Me and is described as satin cool, light pink. This one doesn’t really excite me as much as Seduce Me, but it’s still a really nice shade. It preforms exactly like the other one, pigmented, easy to blend, and doesn’t emphasize my dryness. It’s just really light which makes me want to use Seduce Me more than Tease Me!

All in all, these two are great blushes, but I don’t think this would be suitable for darker skin, as I don’t think it would show up on the skin! I might be wrong in this one, so let me know in the comments if you tried it!


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