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Mask Monday: Missha Pure Source Pearl Sheetmask

20180109_145200Okay, another mask, another surprise as to what it actually is! As far as I can make out, this is a brightening mask, so it evens out your skintone and makes you lit from within. So this mask is supposed to make me look like an angel, basically.

I really love Korean sheet masks, they are so much thicker than the European ones I tried, which I much more prefer! They stay put on your face so much better too! I didn’t notice a noticeable scent with this one, so if you are sensitive to scents, I think this one would be all right for you! My nose is quite good, so if I can’t smell it, I’m surprised if someone else can.

This mask did make me look a little brighter and my skin looked more even,ย  but I did feel it the entire time it was on my face. It wasn’t annoying, it just felt really sensitive and, well, not painful, but you know, a little prickly? Burning would be the best way to describe it, come to think of it!ย  I didn’t mind it too much, but if you have sensitive skin I would stay away from this one! Don’t want you to burn your face all just to wear a face mask. Your face is worth more than that.

Funnily enough, this mask softened my eyebrows as well, so if you are into soft brows, this is a good way to go too!

Will I buy this one again? Yeah, but if I keep noticing it burning my skin slightly, I will stop using this one, as I don’t want to damage my skin even more! I did like the effect it had on my skin, I do look a lot more glowy and hydrated, and my skin looks more even which is something I struggle with. I’m quite happy with it!

4 thoughts on “Mask Monday: Missha Pure Source Pearl Sheetmask”

  1. I am a sucker for korean skin care products! It’s actually my products for my routine right now and it’s done wonders. You’re right, if anyone wants to try sheet masks, go for korean ones, they’re the best ๐Ÿ˜Š๐Ÿ’•

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