Review: Sigma Warm Neutrals Volume 2 Eyeshadow Palette


Warm eyeshadow palettes are the love of my life. I prefer warm tones over bright or cool tones any day. When I saw this beautiful palette by Sigma, I just had to have it!

You can’t go wrong with 12 basic-to-bold neutrals. Inspired by our best-selling, original Warm Neutrals palette, this new assortment features gorgeous complementary tones including 9 never before seen shades. Flattering with a mix of matte, frost, shimmer and glitter that work together in endless combinations. Rich, warm hues are offset by neutral undertones in smooth, long-wearing formulas. Timeless, classic and always on trend. Includes a mirror. – Sigma website
I mean, this palette just basically has my name written all over it. Look at that red. Look at those first three shades. Look at that gold. Look at that burned orange! I was so excited about it! Ok, there was a really strange green colour in it, but I let that slide as the other shades just looked so good.
But, it’s a horrible palette. Utterly horrible.
The swatches look ok, I mean, you can’t actually see the first shade on my arm, but it’s there. Some of the mattes look quite blotchy, but all right. But it took me about 15 minutes just to swatch this. I had to reapply shadow the entire time, because it just wouldn’t pick on my skin at all. And that’s the issue.
When I want to apply these shades to my lids, they just don’t pick up on my brushes, at all. I really need to dig before any pigment gets on the brush. At least the shimmery shades do this. Even if I use Fix+ with them, they just don’t appear. After 5 minutes of trying to apply these shades to my lid, they skip over parts of my lid too. Along the lashline you can still see my lid, and no colour will be on it. I can fix it with eyeliner, but I rather not! The matte shades are a bit better, but they take forever to blend. My arm just got tired from blending so much, even with my favourite brushes it just didn’t work at all. What I feel like a lot of people had with the ABH Subculture palette, is basically my issue with this palette. It applies blotchy, doesn’t blend, and skips over parts of my lid.
When I buy a palette, especially an expensive one as this one, I want them to work beautifully, apply beautifully and blend beautifully. I don’t mind pigmentation being a bit off, as long as there IS any pigment it’s workable, because not everyone wants a palette with high pigment. But the pigment just doesn’t want to work. I’m so disappointed in this palette! I expected so much more, as Sigma makes my favourite eyeshadow brushes. And even with them this palette just fails. Such a shame.
To give one plus point to this palette: it IS longwearing. But it doesn’t make up for the horrible quality of the shadows.
Have you tried any of Sigma’s eyeshadows?

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