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Review: Sachajuan Ocean Mist Volume Shampoo

20180117_151525Shampoo is a tricky thing. You want all of the best things out of one shampoo, some are only 3 euros, others are about 30 euros. You don’t want to spend all your money on something that makes your hair look like shit, but you don’t want to skimp on it just to make your hair look like shit too! I got this shampoo as a freebie from Beautybay, so I was excited to try it out, did my wishes of beautiful hair come true?

This special shampoo with Ocean Silk Technology and natural vegetable proteins gives your hair structure, volume and strength from the inside and the outside leaving your hair shiny and strong. – Sachajuan website

I used to have really lovely, wavy hair, but as my hair decides to change every few years, it’s gotten a lot more straight, so when I read that this shampoo promises me give me structure and volume I was sold! My hair is really thin, but I do have a lot of it, but I don’t have any volume in it. This tiny bottle promised me the world!

It didn’t deliver though. It didn’t do ANYTHING for my hair other than cleanse it. This is an expensive tiny bottle, you pay 10 pounds for only 100ml, and as I’m a person that lives from paycheck to paycheck, I want my money to be invested wisely, and this isn’t it. It smells nice, it feels nice, my hair gets clean, but if you promise me structure and volume, I expect it to do so! That isn’t too much to ask, is it? As you can tell by the photo, I did really try this product, I tried it for a few weeks and I was just hoping it was worth it, that maybe it changed my hair gradually, instead of an immediate result? But alas, my hope was wasted, and this product just basically sucks.

If you want volume and more structure, check out the Lee Stafford Sea Salt range, that line does deliver on it’s promises!

Have you tried anything from Sachajuan?

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