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Review: Beauty Bakerie Lip Whip in Mon Cheri & Sakura Delight


Beauty Bakerie is basically my favourite brand of 2017. I love their powder, I love their primer, so naturally, I wanted to try their lip whips! A liquid lipstick from my favourite brand, what could go wrong?

Long-lasting, smudge proof, and water-proof.Don’t worry about eating your makeup with our Lip Whips. They stay on your lips not your food!
Apply your Lip Whip and leave it at home. Don’t worry about reapplying.
It’s Vegan! – Beauty Bakerie website

These are the promises Beauty Bakerie makes on their website! I bought these because I saw people RAVE about how long lasting and smudge proof they were, but unfortunately for me, they don’t do that. But I’ll get to that later.


Mon Chéri (on the top) is described on the website as:

My chéri d’amour, living life with a lipstick that smudges isn’t living at all! Every Mon Cheri needs a classic red lip, so commit to a whip that stays put. Mon Cheri Lip Whip goes on liquid and dries matte. With full coverage in just one application, the pigmented classic red is the perfect fit. 

It is a really nice red, but it’s a lot darker on me than what is showed on websites, but that might be because I’m really, really, really fair. It doesn’t bother me at all, but if you are fair like me, be aware that it might pull a lot darker on you!  Now, how does it perform? It isn’t full coverage for me at all, it gets really patchy on my lips and I have to reapply when it dries down, which is a shame as one of their promises is full coverage! I don’t mind too much, it’s just a bit of a downside. When you first apply it, it gets really sticky and stays this way for about an hour, which annoys me a lot, because it makes me afraid to eat or drink, as it seems like it’s not completely dry yet! The liquid lipstick isn’t waterproof, as it smudges when I drink and it also transfers quite badly when I am drinking. When I eat it transfers as well, my bottom lip loses it’s colour quite quickly and it gets really dry and flaky. I was so confused about it, as I saw such AMAZING things about these lip whips! I even started to look around on the website if maybe they had a special way of applying these that I was doing wrong, and even after doing everything they recommended, it was still really bad!
I thought I got a bad one, maybe that was the reason why my lip whip didn’t last, so I bought another one. Because surely, that would be the reason?

I ordered Sakura Delight next, a vibrant pink, something out of my comfort zone, but I wanted to experiment with more pink liquid lipsticks! But, again, this one was a lot darker on me than I saw on websites. Again, I think it’s because of my skincolour, but I’m not sure! I do really like this colour though, it’s a nice pop of pink. Not too bright, but it’s still there, you know? I tried this one with renewed hope, but unfortunately, the same thing happened! It doesn’t last at all, my lips get dry, it transfers, my bottom lip loses it’s colour really quickly and it is really sticky in the beginning.


I hope you can tell by the photo, but it looks really patchy on my bottom lip, my lips look dry and it starts to fade on my top lip as well. This is only after 8 hours of wear, with barely anything to eat and drink (when I did drink it was out of a bottle with a nozzle on top because I’m a sporty type apparently). When I’m at work I want my lips to look amazing the entire time, and if it disappears after 6/7/8 hours I won’t wear it to work. Normally I wear lip products for 10 hours straight (at work and commuting to and from) and I just CAN’T reapply as I’m the only one at the store and I can’t just go to the back to reapply my lipstick.

I was so excited for these lip whips. They sounded so promising, they are made by one of my favourite brands, such nice colours too! But alas, they just really disappointed me and I wouldn’t recommend them. It makes me so sad to say this, but I’m not going to lie just because I like a brand! If you are in need of a really long wearing liquid lipstick, try out the Jouer ones.

2 thoughts on “Review: Beauty Bakerie Lip Whip in Mon Cheri & Sakura Delight”

  1. Ah darn. I haven’t heard of this brand yet because I haven’t been into makeup for a while now (depression, bleh) but seeing the packaging and the color from the photo you posted I wanted them 😂 too bad they dry your lips and look gross after a while.

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    1. I had exactly the same!! They look so much fun and everyone raved about them but they weren’t for me, alas! The other stuff is amazing though, totally recommend the rest of the brand!

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