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Review: Sugarpill Cosmetics Lipstick in Nurse



Red lipstick is a thing I can’t live without. The first lipstick I wore was red, and I still prefer red over anything else. I’m still on the hunt for the perfect red lipstick! Did this one from Sugarpill Cosmetics live up to my expectations?

First of all, look at that cute packaging! I really fell in love with it, it’s so cute and I love me some pink and white, and it’s topped in glitter too! You can’t tell a products quality by just the cute packaging alone, but let’s be real, it makes you more tempted!


Nurse is described as a rich, true red with blue undertones. Which it is! Well, it isn’t as vibrant as they tell you it is, but it’s nice. It looks a lot darker in the tube than it does on your lips, so don’t let it fool you! It applies really dry, which I don’t like. I prefer creamy lipsticks, even if they are matte. It does look really nice on the lips and it is matte, so that’s a bonus!


As you can tell, it looks really nice! So far so good! But alas, it didn’t stay this great. After only 3 hours of wear with minimal eating, minimal drinking and minimal talking, it had completely worn off. It looked blotchy, patchy and even my boyfriend said that my lipstick wasn’t a success, and he never says anything negative about my makeup! I know that lipsticks aren’t supposed to be as long wearing as a lipquid lipstick, but after 3 hours of doing nothing, I expected more. Especially as this one is a matte lipstick, and matte lipsticks are supposed to last longer.
I can prolong it’s wear with an hour when I wear a lipliner underneath it, which is strange, because usually when I use a lipliner, lipstick will last about 7 hours on me or wear off more nicely, which this one didn’t do at all!

I really wouldn’t recommend this lipstick. It really isn’t longwearing at all, and even with a lipliner it didn’t last at all. That’s one of the main things I like about lipsticks, if I didn’t want a long wearing product, I’d wear a lipgloss. Such a shame!

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