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Review: Colourpop Super Shock Shadow in Weenie & Cornelious


Ok, yes, I got these two shades because of Kathleen Lights, my boyfriend and I are both big fans of hers, so when she recommended these two I had to get them!


First up; Weenie, Colourpop described this colour as:

A ultra-metallic true rose gold

I personally don’t agree, I think it’s more a champagne/copper than a rose gold, but it’s beautiful nonetheless! It has a beautiful sheen and beautiful glitter, which I really enjoy. This applies really nicely with a brush and blends really beautifully. I really like using this in my crease, it gives a bit more oomph to my looks! I don’t have much to say other than that I really love this shade, I don’t really have anything like it in my makeup stash, which is always something I like.


Next up Cornelious, described as:

A matte warm caramel

And that’s definitely what it is! This is my absolute favourite crease shade. It’s warm, but not too warm, it pairs with almost every single other shade, it blends like a dream and is just an overall amazing shade. It isn’t too amazingly pigmented when you apply it with a brush, but it is buildable, which I really like for a crease shade. I really love this shade and this is THE Colourpop shadow I would repurchase until the end of days.

I totally recommend these two Colourpop shades, but if you can only get one, get Cornelious as this is a shade that will amp up any look!

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