Review: Coloured Raine Queen of Hearts Eyeshadow Palette

20180116_130421I took about a billion photos of this palette, but nothing looked like an exciting cover photo, so we are just going to have to do with this one! I”ve heard many great things about Coloured Raine eyeshadows, so when I saw I could get the Queen of Hearts palette, I jumped at the chance and bought it!

So, usually I would post here all the things that a brand promises, but apparently Coloured Raine decided to let their products speak for themselves, instead of making promises! I appreciate that. SO, in this palette you get 12 shades, 6 matte and 6 foiled shades.


This palette looks absolutely beautiful and has some amazing shades! I don’t see a lot of palette combining purple and orange shades.


I really like these shades. They all apply really nicely, they are beautifully pigmented, sometimes even too pigmented. When I first bought this palette, I expected the glittery shades to be a lot lighter than they are, as they apply quite dark on the skin. They really need a light hand when you apply it! Of this line-up, Empress is definitely my favourite, a beautiful warm orange, it applies really nice and looks beautiful.


In this palette, I prefer the foiled shades over the matte shades, the matte shades are a bit powedery and don’t apply as nicely as the foiled shades, but they aren’t BAD, they aren’t like (for example) the Morphe 35OM palette,  this is definitely higher quality.

As you can tell I’m not too excited about this palette. Why though? The colours are amazing, the pigment is amazing and it’s just an overall GOOD palette.


These shades crease really badly on me. I use Urban Decay eyeshadow primer with all my eyeshadows, and almost all eyeshadows last an entire work day without creasing, but these don’t, after about 5 hours they crease really badly and it’s just not a look I’m going for! I’m not sure why they crease like that, but that’s one of the reasons I just never reach for this palette. I feel like this palette is better if you use it for let’s say a photoshoot or maybe just a beautiful look you want to create, but will wash off in an hour or 2, but it’s not an every day palette you can use to make yourself look pretty for work.

I also don’t reach for this palette as the shades are too dark for me. I prefer a more light lid shade with darker crease shades, but the lightest shade is Crown and other than that they are really dark. BUT that’s personal preference, and that doesn’t affect the overall performance of the palette.

I don’t know whether to recommend this palette or not. I don’t think it would be the right one for you if you need a palette with interesting colours that you can wear to work and still look nice after 8 hours, but I do like how pigmented and beautiful the shades are. I guess, that if you are a makeup artist, this palette would be a nice edition, but if you aren’t, you can skip it. There are better palettes out there.

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