Mask Monday: Skinfood Black Sugar Honey Washoff Mask


Let’s change it up a bit and not talk about a sheet mask for once! Today I’m going to discuss the Skinfood Black Sugar Honey mask.

A mask wash off featuring organic black sugar granules for exfoliation, and rich honey that softens skin for a clean, smooth complexion.

Black Sugar Cleansing skin care line is an exfoliating and moisturizing cleansing line with organic black sugar that is enriched with vitamins and minerals to hydrate and nourish skin. – Skinfood US website

20180116_131046.jpgThis is a very interesting mask, when you open it up it looks disgusting and you need to shake it up really well. The scent of it is really funny, if you are Dutch or are familiar with our concept of stroop, this is exactly what it smells like, but once you apply it, it smells more like honey.

20180109_151018It might look really gross in the tub, but it looks a lot more flattering once applied. The sugar in it is very fine, and it only looks gloopy in certain places. It doesn’t really run off your face, unless you apply too much or when you sit in a bath that’s too hot like me haha.

I really, really like this mask. It soothes my skin like no other mask I’ve tried so far. I’ve got possible rosacea and this calms it down so much! I think it’s because of the honey, as it works antibacterial.

The sugar scrub in this leaves my skin feeling incredibly soft, which is always something I strive for! I have nothing bad to say about this product! I totally recommend this!


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