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Review: Lee Stafford Seal Salt Crystal Shampoo


I LOVE me a good scrub for my scalp. Lately there have been a lot more brands coming out with scrub shampoos, and as I have some eczema on the back of my head, I was really curious how that would work for me. So today, I’m going to review the Lee Staford Sea Salt Crystal Shampoo!

This unique volumising SHaMPOO with visible sea crystals gives BiG, teXtured, BEAchy hair only mermaids can dream of!

Enriched with super nutritious Seaweed and Algae it deeply cleanses the hair, while the sea salt crystals exfoliate the scalp and purify pores, leaving your hair with plenty of oomph!


As you can tell, there are some BIG crystals in this shampoo! It surprised me, to be honest, when I first saw this. It has the distinct Lee Stafford scent, which I do not know how to describe! If you have tried anything from the pink range, you may know what I mean.

Now, as to the promises! This stuff works. I’ve got really thin, sad looking hair. It has no volume, it has nothing special to it, it’s just a bit sad. When I use this, my hair gets really bouncy and nice looking. I don’t suddenly have that nice 70s oomph to it, but my hair is a lot less sad looking and it feels amazing. My scalp feels so clean and fresh after using this, I love it! It really helps with my eczema too, which is always a tricky thing with shampoos for me, as most shampoos make my eczema worse and makes the back of my head look really waxy (oh the joy!). Less is definitely more with this product, but it is really nice to use. The only thing that I noticed that I’m less thrilled about is that it doesn’t foam up, but that’s just a personal preference and doesn’t affect the power of this product. I use this in combination with the Foam Conditioner, and my hair hasn’t looked this nice in ages! It has given me back my waves, it has given me volume and it has made my hair a lot less sad!

If you are in need of some volume, I really recommend trying this out, as it doesn’t just give volume, but also helps you with all the gunk that can build up on your scalp with product use, a multi-use product. 😉

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