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Boy Friday: Kailnara Jeju Volcanic Island Sheet Mask


We are going to start something new! My boyfriend is really supportive of the blog, and when I asked him: “What else could I write about?!” he said he’ll write a review every month! English isn’t his first language, nor his best language, but he tried his hardest and it’s really sweet. So, here we go, our first Boy Friday post!

Koen doesn’t really care about skincare, but he does like the occasional face mask. This is one of his experiences as a newfound mask lover! This is a wrinkle improvement mask with hydrating properties. We both didn’t notice anything about the wrinkle improvement, but it did help his skin to be more hydrated!


The faceclean-goo was a strange sensation. At first it smelled kinda strange, but afterwards it smelled good. [he used the Antipodes Hallelujah Face Wash]The mask itself looked awesome. I looked kinda like Jason Voorhees, which I digged. If you, like me despise hot weather, use this, it’ll cool your face to the max.


The only downside of the Jason Voorhees mask, was the fact that I couldn’t put on glasses, so I had to use the camera on my phone to watch the tv.

When you remove the mask is it takes some time to get used to the room temperature. My skin felt better afterwards so that was a good thing, the only weird thing was that my left cheek felt like a baby’s ass and my right cheek felt like sandpaper.  It was the first time that I used a mask like that, but altogether I liked it. haajjeee wa [his way of saying bye, I wasn’t allowed to delete this part!]


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