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Review: Colourpop Super Shock Shadow in Paisley & Girly


I’m kind of on a roll with the Colourpop reviews! Can you blame me? Thus far, I’m a huge fan of theirs! Great quality for a very small price (if you forget about the 10 dollar shipping costs I have to pay each time…) and some amazing colour options. Today I will talk about two similar shades, Paisley and Girly.

20180117_153508Let’s talk about Paisley first. Paisley is described on the Colourpop website as:

Sheer golden ivory laced with champagne and pink glitter…just the right amount of the 70’s for your inner flower child.

Paisley is an ultra glitter eyeshadow, and ultra glitter it is! But where Sequin has a lot of pigment to it, Paisley is just straight up glitter. The glitter is mostly pink, gold but has some tiny green flecks too. Personally, I don’t like Paisley very much, as it’s just straight up glitter and nothing else. It does have quite a lot of fall out too, which is a bit annoying. As a glitter topper it’s quite nice, but I expected more from it. I don’t use this eyeshadow on it’s own ever, which is such a shame!

Next up is Girly, a satin eyeshadow. It’s described as:

Show off your feminine side in this satin creamy vanilla with a pink and gold sheen

And it IS a creamy vanilla with a pink and gold sheen, but it has barely any pigment to it! I really had to reapply many times just to get a swatch to show it off someway. It gets really dusty too, which makes my eyelids just look really dry, and that’s not my personal look. I can’t apply this one with a brush, as it will transfer nothing on the brush, it is best applied with your fingers. Maybe it’s because I’m paler than yoghurt, but I don’t think it would show up on anyone. It does have a sheen when swatched, but it wears off quite quickly when you apply it on your eyelids.

These two are really some I would skip, unless you really want an extremely glittery eyeshadow with no pigment as a topper. Other than that, there are better Colourpop eyeshadows!


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