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Reading Wrap Up: January 2018


As the new year has started, I decided to track my reading again! I read 11 books this month, which really surprised me! Ok, to be fair, one of the books was 26 pages and a children’s book, but hey, a book read is a book read!
So, without further ado, these are the books I finished in January!

21065320Hercule Poirot’s Christmas by Agatha Christie
Yes, I’m still busy reading all those damn Poirot books! I really liked this one, I personally think Christmas is hella overrated, so to read murder mystery set at Christmas fulfills me immensely. The story was really fun to read too, really one of the better Poirot book!
4 stars on Goodreads.

36674297Superstar Cats  by Julie Tottman
This was a really fun quick read! I’m the proud cat mama of two cats, and I see myself using these tricks to teach my girls. I have a more in depth review on this book here ,so check it out if you are interested!
3 stars on Goodreads

9389818Wise Eating in Wartime
This was an interesting look at the way people were recommended to eat during the Second World War. It’s really short, but it had a lot of information. If you are interested in the WO II, this would be a great read!
3 stars on Goodreads

17465835Vintage Secrets: Hollywood Diet and Fitness by Laura Slater
I really loved the first book I read in this series, so I got this one as well! I don’t really care for diet and fitness, but this was an interesting look into what women were “”supposed”” to do to achieve the beauty standards of the first half of the 20th century. I have a review on this book here.
4 stars on Goodreads

31134215Three Act Tragedy by Agatha Christie
This was a really great Poirot! A lot better than some people think should be Christie’s best (ahum, Mysterious Affaire at Styles ahum), and I really recommend reading this one! I especially love it that one of the main characters is called Egg. Seriously, I think it’s hilarious. It doesn’t add anything to the story but it’s Poirot, we don’t need too much information anyways!
4 stars on Goodreads

20830353Vampires; the Myths, Legends & Lore by Aubrey Sherman
This was by far the worst book I read in a long, long time. So, obviously I have a review on it. This is a hugely disappointing book, it reads like a teenager read Dracula once and thinks themselves an expert on vampires and needs to mention Dracula every second word. I absolutely do NOT recommend this book.
2 stars on Goodreads

17279309Kikker is Verliefd by Max Velthuijs
I read a Dutch book! Ok, it was about 15 pages, it’s a children’s book, but hey, I still read something in Dutch. This is a really cute story about a frog who falls in love and discovers he is in fact in love with a duck, and that’s ok! Super sweet.
4 stars on Goodreads

29501619The Secret Library by Oliver Tearle
This was a really fun read! Basically, it’s a book about some books that should be classics and how the books shaped the world. It was incredibly fun, but I wish the book was a little less white, as I’m about 100% sure all other continents than Europe and North America wrote books too. Nevertheless, a great book if you love books and history! You can find the review here!
4 stars on Goodreads

36469239Comet in Moominland by Tove Jansson
I have this weird thing with the Moomins. I always ask my friends about the animated series, and nobody ever knows what I’m talking about!!! So, I had to get the books, you know, for my own sanity. This was a really cute book, about a comet coming to Moominvalley. Moomintroll and Sniff want to save everyone, but can they do it??
3 stars on Goodreads

18299133 Strange things Costumers say in Bookshops by Jen Campbell [review]
Did I read another Dutch book? Why, yes! I finished Comet in Moominland at work and had about 2 hours left of work, so I started to read this one as well and I loved it! I work in a bookshop so this was highly recognizable for me. A really fun book if you work in retail!
4 stars on Goodreads

21068164And Then There Were None by Agatha Christie
Ok, so, I found my new favourite book. Sorry the Moonstone. Sorry Little Women. But this book is amazing. SO amazing I made my boyfriend read it the same day I finished it because I wouldn’t shut up about it. Honestly, this is even better than Poirot and I’m so extremely excited about it I want to read it again, and again, and again! I finished it in 2 settings, which is really remarkable for me as I don’t have the attention span for it. Basically, if you want to read a GOOD detective, this is the best one to start on! I didn’t know who it was until the very end, which is my favourite part about detectives.
I gave this book 5 stars on Goodreads!

These were all the books I read in the month of January! What was your favourite book you read this month? 🙂

5 thoughts on “Reading Wrap Up: January 2018”

  1. great post!! Oooo so many Agatha Christie’s in there! The favourite book I read was probably Turtles All the Way Down 🙂

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