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Review: Vampires, the Myths, Legends & Lore by Aubrey Sherman


I love folklore. I absolutely love it. As I’m European, I grew up with the stories about gnomes and the like. So, reading a book about the legends of vampires doesn’t seem to strange to me! With a happy heart I started reading this, and I was highly disappointed.

Since the seventeenth century, people have been frightened, mesmerized, and fascinated by the terrifying tales of vampires. In this book, you’ll uncover the history and mystery behind these bloodthirsty monsters with folklore, mythology, and poetry from every tradition in the world. From the Bosnian Lampir, whose disease-ridden corpse spread infection and death throughout villages, to Bram Stoker’s charming Dracula, who helped define modern-day vampires, the wicked stories surrounding these nocturnal beings are sure to captivate anyone who has ever wondered about these shadow-loving creatures. Whether you’re interested in exploring the culture of vampires or just want to learn more about their supernatural abilities, you’ll discover dozens of compelling tales, historical accounts, and haunting legends that shed some light on these sinister beings.

Ok, where to start. This book just reads like a teenager read the book Dracula and is suddenly an expert on vampires. If you want to have a fun drinking game while reading a book, take a shot every time the other starts talking about Dracula, I can guarantee you’ll have a trip to the hospital by page 60. It was so incredibly annoying, especially as the story of Dracula ISN’T the first vampire story?! If you ever wanted to read Dracula, do that before you read this book, because it took away all my interest in the book and it WILL spoil everything for you.

This book was an absolute chore to read. It is a book that apparently doesn’t know that there are vampire myths in South America and Africa and oh, a kappa most certainly IS a vampire in this book! Oh, and if you are waiting for them to mention Carmilla (one of the only females vampires) she gets about two lines, in this entire book. I mean, come on, that would be so interesting to see what the differences are culturally on male and female vampires!

As you can tell, I’m really angry while writing this review. I’m just so disappointed in it! This seemed like such an interesting book, but it just reads like a teenager decided to write an essay on how amazing Dracula is and how it started everything. This could’ve been so much better, but unfortunately it isn’t.

I really don’t recommend this book, at all, and I gave this book 2 stars on Goodreads.

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