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Review: Colourpop Love Line Super Shock Shadow Set


I love me some Colourpop sets! This one spoke to me, browns, reds and shimmer, what could go wrong?! This set contains the shades Brady, Sequin, Static and Truth!

Super Shock Shadow Our famous long-wearing crème powder formula with a unique bouncy-like texture. It’s super creamy, insanely pigmented, and has one swipe intensity with zero fallout. – Colourpop website

What I like about Colourpop eyeshadows, is that they are extremely good value for money. They are pigmented, last you a lifetime, are long wearing and just really fun colours to play with!


First up: Brady and Truth.
Brady is described as a “soft matte dusty rose” and Sequin as a “neutral light beige”.I personally think Brady is more a brown than a rose, it’s really pretty, but on me it just appears as a light brown. It’s a really nice crease colour, blends really well and is an all round solid crease shade.

I was a bit skeptical about Truth, I don’t usually like matte shades on my lid, and as this looks like it would be really dark on my lid. But I was wrong! This is a really nice lid shade and not dark at all. It brings out my eyes really well and combines really nicely with Brady. These two are defintely my favourite out of the four, and if you should get any shades, it would be these two!


Next up are Sequin and Static!


Sequin is described as a “ultra-glittery rosy penny copper”, which is a bit of a mouthful!
Static is described as a “satin deepend burgundy”.
Sequin is incredibly glittery, and won’t apply at all with a brush. If you want to apply this to your lid, you need to use your fingers. It’s really nice, and not just glitter but it does have pigment to it, which usually an ultra glitter shade doesn’t have! It isn’t too dark and blends really nicely.

Now to Static, the one shade that sold me into buying this set. Unfortunately this one really disappointed me. It doesn’t blend at all, and it doesn’t look like a burgundy, but just a really dark brown. It took me a long time to blend out this shade into my crease and it didn’t look nice at all. Such a downside to this entire set!


All in all, I do like this set, but I recommend getting these shades just separately, as Static isn’t the best of Colourpops shadows. Other than that, I’m really excited about the other shades and really think you should try them out!

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