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Review: Dior Lip Tattoo in Natural Cherry


If you are here to read a review to convince you to buy this product because it’s AMAZING and MAGICAL, this isn’t the review for you. If you want to know why I’m so highly disappointed in this product, well, keep on reading!

Be prepared: this kiss-proof lip stain may change your makeup habits forever with its 10-hour “tattoo” tint. Your lips but better: The shades boost the natural color of the lips with a subtle luminosity. Long wear tint with extreme weightless feel: Dior color technology blends stains and pigments to create no-transfer shades with a weightless, comfortable, bare-skin sensation. – Dior US website

Ok, as we know, I’m big on the promises that brands make, and I’m really nit picky about them delivering, as we all should! I’m going to start by saying why I even bought this. When I swatched this product instore, I was immediately impressed with it, because it stained my hand for DAYS on end, no matter how often I showered, washed my hands or did anything. As the price is pretty steep, I only got it because it was so impressive on my hand. So, I’ll start with the swatches!


This is when the swatch has dried down. It applies really watery and it is prone to bleed outside your lipline, so you have to apply it with a very careful hand.

20180117_152513.jpgLook at that. That looks like a really nice stain, and that after only a minute! If it’s this amazing on your arm, you expect it to be this amazing on your lips.

It isn’t.

It doesn’t stain my lips AT ALL. I wear this for half an hour, and it’s all ready completely gone. 10 hours wear time? No can do! Weightless? Yes. Comfortable? Yes! No transfer? Not really, but that’s because it’s gone after only 10 minutes, so how is there supposed to be transfer if it isn’t even on your lips anymore?

I really like this shade, and I really like the scent of it, it has a very fresh mint-y smell to it. I really wanted to like this product, but this is the biggest disappointment I’ve found in a long time. Especially for this price, I don’t recommend this at all, if you want to get anything from Dior, I would feel better recommending their Lip Scrub over this anytime.

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