Mask Monday: Sally’s Box Friendly Almond Foot Mask

20180109_144905Masks aren’t just for your face, there’s such a thing as a foot mask! I have dry skin, which can get really painful, so I decided to order this foot mask to help my little feetsies!

A foot mask with vitamin E rich Almond extracts, nourishing Shea butter, and naturally derived moisturizing Urea to keep your feet soft and smooth. – Little Wonderland website

Foot masks are interesting, they are little plastic bags you put on your feet and you basically walk around in them for the time you want. These ones don’t have little sticky parts (you know, like on a diaper!) to make them not slide of your feet,which is a downside, because it feels like they’ll fall off really easily.

I wore these for about an hour, because I forgot about them, and my feet were really soft and smooth afterwards! Most of my dry patches were gone, my feet felt amazingly soft and smooth, and they felt so incredibly moisturized that they didn’t hurt for three days afterwards! I have size 39/40 feet in European size (size 9 US and size 7 UK) and if my feet were one size bigger, I feel like these wouldn’t fit my feet though. My feet are really tiny width wise, and I had LOADS of space left that way, so if you are afraid your feet might be too big, it’s only the length where I feel like there isn’t enough space.

So, will I buy this again? I most definitely will! I can always use stickytape to make these not fall of my feet.

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