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Mask Monday: Nature Republic Real Nature Mask Sheet in Bamboo


Today we are going to talk about another sheet mask! Sheet masks are great for us people that want all the goodness from a mask, but can’t be bothered to wash our face again after using it.

This Nature Republic one is a moisturizing mask, and we all know by now that I need some extra hydration for my face! This is the same as any other face mask, but so far I’ve noticed that Korean sheet masks are a lot more gel like and a lot more thick than European masks. They don’t tend to slip and slide everywhere too! So, if you are too busy to sit down and relax while you have a sheet mask on, Korean ones are (so far) the way to go.

The funny thing is, this mask smells like an alcoholic pineapple, but the scent doesn’t linger at all, and doesn’t stay on the skin, which I like because I don’t like alcohol nor do I like pineapple! This mask is one of the most moisturizing masks I’ve tried so far. Usually, I wake up with dry skin, no matter how much I take care of my skin, but after using this one and applying my nighttime skincare routine afterwards, my skin was still nicely hydrated when I woke up!

I really like this mask and I will repurchase it again!

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