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Mask Monday: TonyMoly Pureness 100 Pearl Mask Sheet

20180101_141912Another installment of my Mask Monday! Today I’m going to talk about another TonyMoly sheet mask, this time a brightening one! As I mentioned in last weeks post, my skin is pretty ridiculous so I’ve been trying some masks to calm it all down. Let’s see how this one worked!

Our Pureness 100 sheet mask collection features a non-bleached 100% cotton face sheets that help to instantly soothe skin. The soft cotton face sheets provide moisture and nutrition to damaged skin while soothing stressed skin, and giving a rich glow to skin. – TonyMoly USA website

This mask is just as comfortable as the Collagen one, this one smells faintly like soapy apples, but you won’t smell it when it’s on your face. These masks cling extremely well to the skin! I can wear this and just go about my business without it slipping and sliding everywhere. It definitely gets bonus points for that!

However, I don’t think this one is suitable for sensitive skin though! Not because of the scent, but because it did sting a little bit on my lip. It didn’t really sting any sores I have on my face, so I’m not really sure why it did it to my lip and not the rest of my face. I do like this one more than the Collagen one, it didn’t sting afterwards nor did it hurt my cheeks like that one. I don’t feel like it brightened my face in anyway, which is a shame. It did hydrate quite nicely, and it did make some of my  red spots less noticeable and it made some of my pimples smaller. Nothing too amazing, considering it mostly promotes brightening, but still a nice bonus!

I think I will buy this one again, but only when it’s on sale, as it doesn’t do what it promises and you usually buy a product because of those reasons!

1 thought on “Mask Monday: TonyMoly Pureness 100 Pearl Mask Sheet”

  1. I love using face masks . they are a weekly treat for me now. sometimes twice a week


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