My 2018 Reading Goals


I wasn’t planning on making reading goals this year, but for my own sanity, I really should. My Goodreads goal this year is 55 books again, this is an achievable goal for me, but depending on how the year goes, I might even read more again this year! Apart from that goal, here are my reading goals for 2018!

21066318Last year I wanted to finish Poirot, but I didn’t, which isn’t too bad, considering I read more than 20 regardless! This year I’ve only got about 10 books left to read, so I will be able to finish it. I’m not sure if I emotionally can, but I will finish it! I’m dreading reading the last one, I’m pretty sure I’m going to cry!

32193395For the last half of 2017, I didn’t read a lot of children’s book, while those are some of my absolute favourite books! I want to read more classics, like the Swiss Family Robinson and the Secret Garden (I’ve got some beautiful editions!!) but I want to read new ones too.

agI tend to buy a lot more books than my shelves can handle. My boyfriend and I are at the point where we need to buy 4 more bookshelves because the one’s we have don’t have enough room… When I was still living at my parent’s house, I had a special shelf for my To Be Read books, so I could see how many I still had left to read and I had a lot more control about it. Now that I’m living with my boyfriend, I don’t have one, so I keep forgetting what books I haven’t read, because I can’t see them on a special shelf. We are getting these new shelves soon so I can organize the books accordingly!

gs.jpgI really pressure myself to read last year and had some really intense anxiety about not reading fast enough. It really took the joy out of reading, because I just wanted to put up a post for my blog, even though my book reviews are the posts that are the least popular! I just want to read for my enjoyment, and if I don’t have a post up on Sunday, well, so be it. Reading should be fun, not a chore!

These were my goals for 2018! What are some of yours?


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