Shop Review: Little Wonderland


It’s no secret that Korea and Japan are frontrunners when it comes to skincare. I know you can get them more easily if you live in America, but us mere Europeans can’t just order something from outside Europe without selling our kidneys in shipping costs and the like. Luckily, a lot more European websites are starting to sell Korean and Japanese beauty and cosmetics! So, to help you guys out, I ordered something from Little Wonderland, to see if it’s a great site for you guys to bring the Korean and Japanese cosmetics to your house!

Little Wonderland is a Dutch based website, but it has an option to change your language to English for you guys who don’t speak Dutch! They sell skincare and makeup, and sell special sets (comparable to fukubukuro’s) where you spend a certain amount of money and get a better deal. I will explain this concept in a little bit! They sell a lot more skincare than makeup, so if you are looking for a lot of makeup, this isn’t it.

Shipping is a bit more expensive, you only get free shipping if you are from the Netherlands, Belgium or Germany after spending about 50 to 60 euros, other countries aren’t mentioned on the site, though they do sell to almost all European countries. I assume that shipping for the rest of Europe is 6,95, as that’s the shipping rate for Belgium and Germany as well. It’s a shame they don’t put other countries on the site as well, if you aren’t sure what the costs are you are less likely to purchase from them!

The prices of the products are really reasonable! Especially if you are from the UK, I noticed that a lot of UK websites are really expensive when it comes to Korean cosmetics. For example, the TonyMoly I’m Real Masks are 2,49 euros at Little Wonderland, and 5 pounds (which is about 5,70 euros) at Cultbeauty… Just to show, do your research before you buy!

Now, I ordered 18 masks, of which 16 sheet masks! I ordered on the 6th of January and received my order on the 9th. Shipping was really fast, which I always appreciate (I don’t have the patience to wait for days when it’s from my own country!).

20180109_112703.jpgMy package was really securely packed!! I really appreciate this, even though I got mostly sheet masks! Personally, I’m not really a fan of those foam thingies, as they are dangerous for cats, BUT I do really like how securely packed this is. It shows that this is a shop that cares about your orders.

20180109_112819.jpgHere are some of the masks I picked out myself, I won’t show all of them (I mean, 18 masks is a lot to make photos of) because I don’t want to spoil what is coming up in the future. 😉 Everything looks really good, nothing looks as if it was just thrown into the box, it looks all really nice!

I ordered a special pack of masks, I paid 15,95 for 10 masks. This is the special set I mentioned. They have a special set every month, you can order them separately every month, or you can get a subscription and it will be send to your home every month. I really like that and I might get the subscription after this month!

20180109_112853.jpgThese are some of the masks I got in the set! In total, the set was worth at least 18,30 euros, of which a few masks you can’t even get on the website, so I can’t find their price point. Considering I paid 15,95 for the entire set, it’s nice value for money! They are also different kind of masks, you don’t get 10 masks that are only targeting hydration, there’s a nice variation that you can use with almost all skintypes. I will review all these masks separately in the future, so keep your eyes out for that.

20180109_145243.jpgWhen you order you get free samples. These aren’t too exciting and really tiny, but still it’s a nice little touch from the shop! You do, however, get a face mask when you order for 30+ euros, which I personally think is a better touch! One can never have too many facemasks!

All in all, I will order from this website again! I’m really pleased with everything! I do hope they will get more makeup, but other than that, I’m really excited to go exploring again on the site in the future!

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