Mask Monday: TonyMoly Pureness 100 Collagen Mask Sheet

20180101_141904So, I decided that I’m going to post face mask reviews on Mondays from now on, because I’ve been trying out some more masks lately! The reviews won’t be too long, but just a quick little review for people to see if they want to try it out. So, today I’m going to start out with a TonyMoly mask!

Our Pureness 100 sheet mask collection features a non-bleached 100% cotton face sheets that help to instantly soothe skin. The soft cotton face sheets provide moisture and nutrition to damaged skin while soothing stressed skin, and giving a rich glow to skin.  – TonyMoly USA website

This sheetmask is just like any other sheet mask, but it feels really slippery and gel like. It applies really easily, and stays put pretty good, which is always a bonus!
It smells absolutely beautiful! I really, really love the scent of it, but I don’t know what kind of scent it is, it’s a bit flowery, but it’s very faint, it doesn’t bother you and when it’s applied to your face you can’t really smell it anymore.

It felt really nice on my skin when it was on, but afterwards my cheeks really hurt. It made my moisturizer really sting and I’m still “recovering” from it. My cheeks still hurt a little bit, which makes me scared to use this specific mask again. I’m not really sure what caused it, as I do have some really weird skin issues lately, but I’m just going to say, if you have any imperfection on your cheek, be it pimples or something else, be careful with this one! If your skin doesn’t have any issues at all, you might want to try it out, because it was nice while it was applied, it did moisturize a little bit and it smelled great. I don’t think I will be purchasing this again until my cheeks aren’t having issues anymore!

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