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Review: Superstar Cats by Julie Tottman


I’m a proud catmum. No shame in that. SO when my boyfriend got me this little book as a gift for Christmas, I was really excited! I was all ready training our older cat Wijn to sit on command, and now I had a book full of little tricks to teach both of our little ones!

So, this book doesn’t really have a synopsis, but basically, this is a book full of little tricks that you can teach your cat! Cats don’t get the credit they deserve, they are just as smart as dogs, and will learn some tricks, if you put effort into it! This book is divided into the basics and the more advanced stuff, if you don’t have the basics ready, you can’t do the other ones. My cats can all ready sit on command, so I’ve got one of the basics done! On the top of the page it will tell you how long it’ll take you, what you need, and what tricks they need to know before hand. Some tricks will take a day, and others months. It just depends on your cats personality and how often you train. This is a tiny book, but it was a really enjoyable read. The only downside I have for this book, on the end of the page you can fill in when your cat has completed this trick, but you only have room for 1 cat! If you want to fill in the book, but have more than one cat, it’ll just turn out to be a mess, which is a shame, but I did really like that touch to it.

This book is written by someone who trains animals for a living, which makes it a lot more believable, I mean, you’ll trust a book written by an experienced animal trainer a lot quicker than someone who has only had 3 cats and wants to write a book about it. Julie Tottman has worked on some amazing movies, such as Harry Potter, and has some little anecdotes about the cats she worked with as well!

If you are a cat lover, you should really read this little book, because maybe you’ll learn something about it as well!

I gave this book 3 stars on Goodreads, and you can buy it here!

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