Good things that happened in 2017


I’m a person that tends to dwell on the bad stuff. It’s not like I enjoy it, but part of having ADD is that you have depressive tendencies (amongst other things I won’t bore you with!), so I usually forget about all the good stuff that happened. Even though 2017 was tough, as I mentioned in my blogpost why I quit blogging for a while, but I’m not going to talk about those things, much. I’m going to write down all the good things that happened last year, so I can look back on it and be reminded of the good stuff, and not the bad. SO, in chronological order of happening, here are the good times of 2017:

20171122_132158I got myself a nerd!
I met my boyfriend in 2017. Things went pretty fast between the two of us, but I’m glad it did. I never met anyone who loves me as much as he loves me, and it makes me very, very happy. I’m especially glad that he’s approved by my entire family, and guys, my family is huge. Like, really huge, but everyone likes him and that pleases me! One of our friends said to us recently that he’s amazed about how much we changed for the good over the past short year, I’m extremely shy and I don’t like parties or anything like that, but my boyfriend makes me a lot more social, a lot less scared of the world, and a lot more calm and happy. Especially being calm is something new for me, haha! This is by far the best thing this year. And with that said…

26654481_2138049726221570_365683787_oI got to be this precious angel’s mum!!
This is Wijn. Wijn is my boyfriend’s cat, and she picked me to be her mum before my boyfriend even knew me. I had to get along with Wijn before my boyfriend wanted to go any further with me. I went over to their place, sat down on the couch, and Wijn immediately sat on my lap and stayed there for a long time. She’s shy, doesn’t like women very much and she’s a very scared cat, but she chose me. It sounds so silly, but I feel so special that she liked me straight away! I guess I just have a nice aura, haha! She’s a sweetheart and she calms me down so much when my ADD is getting the best of me.

unnamedI got my diploma in makeup artistry!
This is my sister, being my amazing model! I went to school to get my diploma, I didn’t like the school very much (which is a whole different story…) but I AT LAST got my diploma in 2017! I never completed anything apart from my high school diploma, so I’m pretty stoked about it. I’m currently not doing anything with my diploma, but hey, at least I have one!

26733219_2138050596221483_1261459128_o.jpgMy birthday!
I’m not really big on my birthday, but my last birthday was special to me. It was the last time I saw my grandpa. As I mentioned before, I was really close to him, and I still miss him every day, but I’m glad that he was on my birthday!! It was a nice day, with lovely weather and my in-laws came over to meet my family, which was really fun. And as a surprise, some family friends from Oman came over, which I hadn’t seen in about 5 years!!

_DSF4239_bewerkt.jpgI got a job!
So, I don’t have a photo for this one, so here’s a good photo of me, enjoy. But, I got a job!!! After years of not having a proper job, I got one! It isn’t something I want to do for the rest of my life, but right now I’m really happy with it, it pays the bills, it helps me with this blog, it helps so much! I mean, we can’t live without money, can we? Unfortunately, I don’t know if they’ll keep me for much longer (my coworkers don’t decide, but the big man on the other side of the country does…) but hey, at least I have one for now!

26653602_2138053339554542_838581761_oWe adopted this little gremlin!
This is Mathilda, we call her our little gremlin because she’s really mischievous! She is a true mama’s girl, she’s always with me, wakes me up several times a night for a cuddle, and when she wants kisses, she turns her head to my face so I can kiss it. It’s the cutest little thing! She and Wijn get along so well, which makes me really happy that they have each other. She gives me so much love, it’s ridiculous. The funny thing about our cats, is that Wijn is a lot like me personality wise, but Mathilda is a lot like my boyfriend! Wijn is a papa’s girl, and Mathilda a mama’s girl, so I guess our personalities were just destined to match, haha!

IMG_20171006_172337_750We moved in together!
So my boyfriend and I moved in together as well! I all ready spend almost all my time at my boyfriend’s, as he works A LOT (he’s got 2 jobs and honestly I barely see him otherwise!) and poor Wijn was a lone a lot. I didn’t have a job (at the time!) so I could spend time with her, and she improved for the better. In September we went to Amsterdam, and my boyfriend asked me to move in (while I was crying in an Irish pub about something stupid haha!). So, we are living on our own, with our two fur babies and it’s been heaps of fun! We still don’t have room for all our books though, so that’s our only struggle…!

26733151_2138053586221184_2008870277_oLots of sleepovers!
One of my cousins came over to have a sleepover at our place! My family is pretty close, so it was really nice to have my cousin come over. She had so much fun she wanted to come over in the Christmas holidays as well! Unfortunately, boyfriend and I both had work (yay retail), but she’ll come over soon! My brother has had lots of sleepovers at our place too, but he mostly came over for his nieces, he loves our cats to bits and he really likes coming over, which is really fun!! I’m more a family person than a friend person, so I really like it when I get to see my family.

26692754_2138054979554378_788778870_oI got to read tons of books! 
I read 63 books last year, of which most I enjoyed! ADD makes it sometimes hard for me to read books, but I’m really proud of myself that I read so many. Thanks to work, commuting and bath times I got to read so many books. It also helped that I didn’t have a job for most of the year, and I did volunteering work at my hometown library! Hopefully I can keep this up in 2018!

So, these were the good things that happend in 2017. Maybe not many, but at least I value them. Let’s see what 2018 will bring me!

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