Review: It’s Skin Avocado Face Mask


I need help with my face. Honestly, it’s been in it’s worst stage in YEARS and as it’s winter, I need all the darn help I can get! Face masks are a great way to get all the good stuff into your skin, so I decided to try more Korean face masks, so how did this one from It’s Skin perform?

A cushion pulp sheet mask for dry skin types.
Made with fresh, natural ingredients, The Fresh Mask Sheet Avocado is packed with more than 25 different vitamins to nourish and moisturise. Designed with a multi-porous air layer, each mask is soaked with serum to deliver maximum results.

As we can tell this is an avocado mask for dry skin, and it WORKS. It’s just like your usual sheet mask, but thicker. It stays put onto my skin really easily, no slipping and sliding with this one! Which is probably because it isn’t a thin sheet. This mask is so nice, you can feel it work and it moisturizes my skin really great, which is what I really want from this mask .

It doesn’t do anything else though, it just moisturizes and that’s it. If you expect miracles, this isn’t the mask for you, but if you are in need of some extreme hydration and in need of a sheet face mask that doesn’t go walk about, try this one out!

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