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Review: Jouer Long-Wear Lip Crème Liquid Lipstick in Fraise Bon Bon


Today I’m not going to write an amazing intro to a product. Today I’m going to talk about the best damn liquid lipstick that I have tried in for ever. SO buckle up y’all, because here we go!

This weightless, long-wear liquid lipstick offers full coverage color with a soft-touch finish that glides on smoothly and lasts all day.  

• Buildable, Long-Wear full coverage color
• Vitamin E
• Ultra lightweight
• Non-sticky formula – 
Jouer Cosmetics website

Ok, so, a few weeks ago I bought some Jouer liquid lipsticks to try out. I work a few days a week, and on those days I work about 8 hours, I’m gone for about 10 hours and I usually run the shop alone. I don’t have time to reapply my lipstick, or do I have time for lipsticks that get stuck on my crooked front tooth. And after trying this one my life has changed.


Fraise Bon Bon is a cool berry red colour, which pulls a lot more pink, but you can change the colour with the lipliner you use, so when I wear it, it looks a lot more red on me. This looks like a very bright colour, and on it’s own it is, but you can tone it down a bit with said lipliner.

This is the most comfortable, long wearing liquid lipstick I have tried and I wear this almost every work day. When I put this on at 8 am in the morning before I head out, it will still be on my lips almost perfectly at 7 pm when I get back from work, which includes having drinks, having lunch and talking a whole damn lot.

It applies beautifully, opaque in one swipe, easily and smoothly. You really can’t go wrong when you apply this, and if you feel a bit apprehensive about using a liquid lipstick, try a lipliner underneath it! It makes it a lot easier (all the answers to your lipstick troubles are lipliners haha!).


As you can tell, I wear it a lot more red, and it isn’t as bright as it looks in the tube!

I have really, really dry lips, that’s my biggest issue with liquid lipsticks, and this doesn’t dry out my lips AT ALL. You really don’t even notice that you are wearing it. It’s so incredibly comfortable.

Do I have no complaints about this liquid lipstick? Only one, I noticed that if I wear this 2 days in a row, my lips will look a bit less amazing on the second day, because it is a liquid lipstick and matte, so it will dry out a little bit, but it’s nothing that a good lipbalm won’t solve.

Long story short: Guys, this product DELIVERS! How many times have I written a review about products that don’t deliver to everything they promise? If you are looking for the best liquid lipstick to wear to work, this is it. Honestly. Just get it, you won’t be disappointed!

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