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Review: Beauty Bakerie Wake & Bake Hydrating Face Oil


Like I mentioned about a billion times, I’ve got really dry skin, and lately I’ve been trying out some primers for my face to make my face look less like a lizard’s. I tried out the Pixi Rose Balm, which didn’t really work, so I saw that Beauty Bakerie made a face oil primer, I had to try it!

This is an intensive hydrating face oil that is suitable for all skin types. From dry and sensitive skin to oily and problematic, it is packed with oils that hydrate as well as absorb oil causing this multitasking formula to leave you with an obsession-worthy radiance.

Wake & Bake is a hypoallergenic and non-comedogenic face oil. It’s infused with Marula oil, which is known as Africa’s beauty secret. It’s unrefined and delivers vitamins, nutrients, antioxidants and fatty acids such as Omega 6 and 9 to your skin leaving it moisturized, hydrated and luminous.

Wake & Bake has lightening fast absorption, doesn’t leave you feeling oily and  can be used on your face, skin, hair, nails, and lips. 

Okay guys, this is the primer my dreams are made off. It’s really hydrating, you honestly just need 3-4 drops for my entire face, the scent isn’t too intense (unlike SOME products I’ve tried lately…) and it makes my face look good all day!

The scent is citrus-y, but in a nice fresh way. Not too overpowering at all and after you apply it to your face you can’t smell it anymore. I let it set for about 5 minutes before I do my makeup, and my makeup applies really smoothly over it. I usually have really flaky skin, but when I use this I have almost none! When it’s a really, really cold day I have a little bit of flaky skin, but other than that it’s almost “cured” me of this issue.

It does say it would be perfect for all skin types, and I do really agree with it. Oils on oily skin are actually really helpful, as oily skin just (usually) means your skin is dehydrated and is over producing oils to keep it hydrated. I have to try for myself in the summer, as my t-zone gets more oily during that time. I will get back on that!

Long story short, I LOVE this oil and I will definitely repurchase this product, as it saved my skin’s life!

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