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Adventure: GaiaZOO Date!


So, my boyfriend had a week off from work (thank the LORD because he works way too much), so what better way to celebrate than by going to the zoo!

We live really close to a zoo, but we decided to take the long route by going by bus, because I really love busrides through small towns. Especially because I’ve moved to a place that I don’t know at all. The busride was about 1,5 hours. Yes, that may seem long for my European folks, but I just really love busrides ok!!!

I had a really bad week that week, because I’ve had a really bad reaction to getting my wisdom teeth pulled, as I’m writing this I’m still in pain and still not able to eat very well, and it’s been over a week since! But going to the zoo was exactly the distraction I needed and I loved every minute of it. โ™ฅ We don’t go out much, due to my boyfriend’s busy work schedule, so every time we get to go out it’s greatly appreciated and valued!

20171122_111956We went early in the morning, and we were almost entirely alone for most of the morning in the zoo! We went on a Wednesday, which meant that in the early afternoon elementary schools were closed and families with younger children were going to the zoo as the weather was beautiful.











It’sย  safe to say we had a really great day!! Like I said, we don’t go out much, so this trip to the zoo was all the more special. Hopefully there are many more adventures with this nerd to come!

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