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Review: Dior Lip Sugar Scrub


Ok, this is a first Dior product I will review, I believe! I was so insanely excited when I heard that Dior was coming out with a lip scrub in lipstick format. I thought it was absolutely brilliant, why did no one else make this kind of product before?! Lip scrubs are so messy and you waste more product than you actually get on your lips, so this seemed only logical to me. Did I enjoy it as much as I hoped?

All makeup artists know that healthy, moisturized lips are the key to optimal colour impact. The latest from the Backstage Pros, Lip Sugar Scrub is an exfoliating and nourishing stick with grains of sugar that melt away, for incredibly softer lips and naturally rosified, as if metamorphosed.

It doesn’t have a bad scent to it, it’s quite sweet but not overpowering. The product itself is really funny, because you don’t expect it to be so coarse! You do feel the sugar grains on your lips and the balm does really work. The balm is insanely soft and smooth. You can really feel it melt on your lips, which is nice. I almost finished my lipbalm, so it looks kind of nasty, so be warned!


Quite often I’ve used lipbalms that only make my lips feel even more dry. Another plus point to this product is that (at least I didn’t) isn’t addictive. A lot of lipbalms use ingredients that are addictive to the lips, which means you want to use it more, which means you’ll only get more addicted! It does leave a very slight pink colour to your lips, but nothing too noticeable. I mostly use this product when I’m doing my makeup to prepare my lips for lipstick.

Now, as to the exfoliating part, it’s pretty meh. You feel it, but it’s too fine and it melts too easily for it to do anything significant. It’s okay for day to day use, but if you have really dry lips, I’d look for something with a bit more punch. I think the concept is better than the execution. The balm is amazing, the exfoliation is just not really there. Do I think it’s worth it’s price tag? No. But I think that for the being the first in it’s kind, it’s good. Hopefully Dior will improve the next batch of these!



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