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Review: Fashion in the 1940s by Jayne Shrimpton

Like I said last week, I’m really into 1940s fashion lately. So I ordered this little book to inspire me. It’s only a tiny book, about 120 pages, so I was wondering how much information could be put in such a short time, but I enjoyed it very much!

This book talks about children’s, women’s and men’s wear, which is something refreshing, as most books only focus on women. They don’t add a LOT on men and children, but only a little bit is more than nothing. It has a lot of pictures, a lot of advertisements from magazines, that but also a lot of tiny little facts that I didn’t know. It doesn’t just talk about the war, nor only after the war, it combines the two, which most books don’t do either.

Long story short, on this tiny book, this one is a great edition for any fashion historian (be it amateur or not) or anyone who’s interested in 1940s fashion. Though it may be little, it is fierce! šŸ˜‰


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