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Review: the Graveyard Book by Neil Gaiman

It’s been a long time since I last read a children’s book. I love kid’s stories, especially the more creepy books. I read them religiously as a child, and as an adult, I still love it very much! I’ve never read anything by Neil Gaiman, but I know he’s an iconic writer in the realm that is creepy children’s books. Unfortunately, so is Holly Black, and I really don’t like her books. Did I get disappointed  by Neil Gaiman too?

When a baby escapes a murderer intent on killing the entire family, who would have thought it would find safety and security in the local graveyard? Brought up by the resident ghosts, ghouls and spectres, Bod has an eccentric childhood learning about life from the dead. But for Bod there is also the danger of the murderer still looking for him – after all, he is the last remaining member of the family. A stunningly original novel deftly constructed over eight chapters, featuring every second year of Bod’s life, from babyhood to adolescence. Will Bod survive to be a man?

This book did not disappoint me at all! The story is extremely original, written just like all the books I read as a child, and extremely fun! This is such a quick read I had to stop myself from reading it too quickly, because I didn’t want it to be finished. If you have read any Dutch speaking authors, this is written just like Bies van Ede, Paul van Loon and Tais Teng, which makes my inner child really happy!

It isn’t that creepy, I mean, as far as murderous men can be not creepy, but it does have some suspense. The creepiest story is in the beginning of the book, after that the stories get less creepy, but still just as fun!
Honestly, I recommend this book to everyone, because it was just that great!

You can buy this edition here! 


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