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Review: NYX Matte Finish Setting Spray


I’ve go really dry skin, but I HATE any shine on my face. I prefer to look matte but with a more natural glow. I’m not really into the highlight look, though it can look really nice as I experimented with it, but it just isn’t for me. I noticed that NYX had a matte setting spray and I was intrigued to try it out!

Demand perfection! For that fresh makeup look that lasts, the NYX Professional Makeup Setting Spray – Matte is a gorgeous shine-free matte finish that is lightweight and comfortable while working hard to make sure your makeup stays put.

Well, I haven’t noticed my makeup lasting any longer, to be honest. It is a nice spray, but it’s smell is horrible! Even one of my friends commented on the smell when I applied it, and he usually never comments on anything I use in my makeup routine. As you guys know if you read any of my other posts, scents don’t bother me, as long as the product works, and I can’t really say it works…

What I can tell, is that it doesn’t dry out my skin. When I use this, my skin doesn’t look any more dry, it doesn’t make it feel dry, and I don’t get dry patches from it, which is really nice! Not every person with dry skin wants a dewy look, so it’s nice to know that there’s a matte setting spray out there that doesn’t dry out your skin. Maybe that’s why it doesn’t really work for me though, because I guess it’s tailored more to oily skin. So, if you tried this out and you’ve got oily skin, let me know if it worked for you!

1 thought on “Review: NYX Matte Finish Setting Spray”

  1. I have tried this spray out and I have oily skin and it to be honest it didn’t seem to do anything for me. It neither helped me stay matte nor did it ruin my makeup. It just did nothing. Haha! I am glad to read a post similar to my opinion on this product!


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