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Review: Decline of the English Murder by George Orwell

So, I never read anything from George Orwell. Required reading isn’t a thing in the Netherlands, well depending on what level of education you do, so I never read any classics as a child/teenager, apart from Little Women. I never really wanted to read anything from Orwell, I don’t know why but I never did. But then I saw he wrote a little book about murder, my favourite subject, I couldn’t say no!

In these timeless and witty essays George Orwell explores the English love of reading about a good murder in the papers (and lament the passing of the heyday of the ‘perfect’ murder involving class, sex and poisoning), as well as unfolding his trenchant views on everything from boys’ weeklies and naughty seaside postcards to being arrested in East End.

To be honest, I went into this book thinking it would be just about murder, but there are several other essays in it as well. I know, how did I miss that point? I have no idea. But I’m glad I had this misconception, because I’m sure I wouldn’t have read this book if I knew it was just essays. But this book is really interesting, the essays are funny, witty, informative and a really nice read. I really liked Orwell’s writing style and the stories he’s telling in this little book. They are really short which is always a big plus for me. Really, I was highly surprised by how much I liked the Decline of English Murder. The main story, the Decline of English Murder, was so funny and witty, but did hit you about how true it is, people love murder.

If you haven’t read anything by Orwell, like me, I really recommend trying out this book, as it only has 118 pages, you could finish this in one sitting.

You can buy this edition here!


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