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Review: Colour Pop Super Shock Shadow in Lace, Bubbly and Eye Candy


Like I said, be prepared for all the Colour Pop reviews coming up! Today I’m going to talk about three eyeshadows, Lace, Bubbly and Eye Candy.

I bought several colours that I didn’t have in my collection yet, and purples and pinks were among them, funnily enough. So here we go!



First up, Lace, it’s described as a deepened violet satin, and it’s just that. It’s a beautiful purple, which reminds me a lot of the movie Tangled, but it has really nice dark blue specks of glitter in it. It’s highly pigmented, as you will be able to tell by the swatch later, and it’s just really nice. It’s just like the other Colour Pop shadows, creamy, beautiful goodness. They are best used with a more stiff brush and not a natural bristle one.

Next up, Bubbly! I love this name, it’s so cute, and so is this colour. It’s described as a “truly angelic pink satin with tons of silver and pink glitter”. How can you not want to buy this colour after reading that? This one isn’t as pigmented as  for example Lace, but I actually like that about this colour, it’s pink, hella glittery, but not too overpowering or trashy. I do think the product is a bit more soft than the others, for some reason I am a lot more careful applying this one. It looks best when applied with your fingertips, because of the glitter.

Last up, Eye Candy. This one is described as “an icy lavender with tons of silver ultra-glitter”, and basically that’s correct. This one isn’t as pigmented, so I think this one would be a great one to start out with if you want to try purple eyeshadow but don’t want something bold like Lace. It’s a really nice eye shadow, but I don’t think it’s as nice as Bubbly, but they are related in pigmentation and the glitter feel. It is an adorable colour, but just not too special.


See what I mean with Bubbly and Eye Candy being related? They look quite similar!

Even though I’m not too impressed with Eye Candy, I’m really happy to have all 3 of these in my collection, they are really nice shadows and up there in quality, but I’ve never had a complaint about Colour Pop shadows before.

If you want to try these beauties out, I totally recommend them!


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